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The small town of Christiana is nestled between Lancaster and Chester County, PA... two counties full of scenic farmland, attractions, shopping and dining. An area also decorated with Amish and Mennonite culture. Christiana is the least populated borough in Lancaster County and offers so much charm and history. This quaint town makes The Christiana House the perfect weekend escape.

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The town of Christiana is known for its involvement with the Underground Railroad during the Civil War. On September 11, 1851, Christiana was the site of the Christiana Riot (also called the Battle of Christiana), in which the local residents defended a fugitive slave by killing the slave's owner. Southerners demanded the hanging of those responsible. Federal troops were called in to help with an investigation, which resulted in 38 men being arrested for defying the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850. This law enforced officials to arrest run-away slaves, anyone who helped a run-away slave was subject to imprisonment and fines. However, once the first defendant was acquitted the government dropped the case. This trial was the first nationally covered challenge to the Fugitive Slave Law, thus, making Christiana a national landmark.

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